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My first FMP Journey

My first FMP Journey

Sunday, November 08, 2015


Adam Summerscales


  1. Starting interview process
    02 Feb, 2017
    Starting interview process
    I went to Calderdale College and met my Interpreter, Van in Halifax, to look at wheelchair Rugby. We met one of the coaches, Andy and we were conversing about my plans and the project that I am doing. I learnt that they are a small team, which come from different countries such as England, Scotland and Ireland. I also watched them playing the game and it was really intense! Andy prefer to get the interviews, filming and photographing done and finished with before their season starts, which is
  2. consulting people
    23 Jan, 2017
    consulting people
    I have received lots of emails from everyone that I contacted and they were happy to help out, one of them even offered me to look at Wheelchair Kurling at Calderdale College. I thought it was an interesting sport but on further investigation, I think it is not suitable to my project. I reached agreements with 3 clubs, which are both wheelchair rugby clubs within Calderdale College, and also Wheelchair Basketball with the Steeler Club in Sheffield, to interview and photograph. Wheelchair Rugby
  3. Finalising my Proposal
    22 Jan, 2017
    Finalising my Proposal
    In my first term before Christmas I completed my proposal, this involved speed photography using wheelchair sport, such as wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby. My aim is to do 5 small projects during term 2 and 3: Small projects are: Interviewing I will be interviewing disability sport people to talk about their sport and talk about the “Super Human” advert from Channel 4. I will be asking them their opinion, are we superhuman because we are disabled and can still achieve? Do they like
  4. Summery of what I have done so far?
    09 Jan, 2017
    Summery of what I have done so far?
    Since my last post, I have been thinking really hard of what I wanted to do with my next step, while relaxing and having some time for myself, I decided to get my name out there and create an instagram account for my photography, so I asked my girlfriend to help me organisation it, and get the ball rolling, so we finally did it created (@adamphotographics). Coming to the end of May I finally decided to I want to continue with my education even further and do an MA course, but before applying I
  5. Professional Practice Reflective
    12 May, 2016
    Professional Practice Reflective
    My blog is mainly focusing on the professional practice and my thought process for my FMP including books, prints and galleries. I think the blog helps me to reflect back and able me to improve my skills and identifying the mistakes during the process so I can improve as I go along. I realised that my weakness in the blog is I did not include all the lectures delivered by guest speakers and therefore I chose not report information, which I did not think, was necessary at the time, which then
  6. A nice conversation with Thomas Dukes from Eye Gallery, Liverpool
    09 May, 2016
    A nice conversation with Thomas Dukes from Eye Gallery, Liverpool
    I had a good conversation with Thomas Dukes who works for Eye Gallery Liverpool. Hope you've had a good Bank Holiday weekend?  Apologies for the delay in replying, I've been out of the gallery. Good to be in touch and thank you for your presentation at the Hepworth.  The photographer I was thinking of was Kevin Connolly and his project of work which made up The Rolling Exhibition.  I think I hadn't remembered it properly - it's taken across the world.  What do you think of it? I think I
  7. My reprint image have arrived from Metro Print
    05 May, 2016
    My reprint image have arrived from Metro Print
    The print has arrived and I’m really scared to open it. But this time its wrapped as described in paper which is promising so I decided to not open the whole print and leave it in the package for the exhibition show which will be on 10th of June at Huddersfield University.
  8. an email from Metro print, as they tried to make me pay to reprint my big image
    03 May, 2016
    an email from Metro print, as they tried to make me pay to reprint my big image
    I received an email from Metro print, Hi Adam, Many thanks for forwarding through the picture of the ding in the print. Unfortunately, a small fracture to the packaging would not explain an enormous rip down the centre of the print whilst it is still rolled. At this time we are stunned at the nature of this issue. I have discussed the matter further with our printers, technicians, management and our Directors, and can confirm that there is absolutely no way that the print left our lab in
  9. Having an issue about making book from Blurb
    22 Apr, 2016
    Having an issue about making book from Blurb
    I tried to do the same using Blurb for the street photos but the book layout were too square and my photos are rectangle.  It will spoil the shots if I resize the images so I decided to look at the Jessop Photo Company because I had a good experience of making a book with them in my college days. The book layout from Jessops were more rectangular which was perfect for my book. So I want the books to be the same so I made 2 books and send it off so I have 2 exactly same finishes but in the