Aperture, photography,
Adam Summerscales



  1. Back in studio
    07 Dec, 2015
    Back in studio
    Back in the studio I experimented with shots in low key in monochrome to create an impact in my photos. I made sure the framing is focusing on the model’s body. I like it because in the studio I’m controlling the situation and I have more time to photograph what I see in the streets such as shopping bags, hand bags, wallet, cup and mobile phones.
  2. My first FMP Journey
    08 Nov, 2015
    My first FMP Journey
    I am beginning my FMP for my Huddersfield University degree and I am considering taking street photographs around England in one point perspective. Cleethorpes With an objective to shoot some amazing “one point perspective” shots, with a vision of the sea crashing on the beach with an angry sky I set off to Cleethorpes.  What I was actually met with was a flat grey sky with no hope of the sun breaking  through to add any movement  into my photographs at all.   Disappointed but not defeated