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Adam Summerscales
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As a disabled and deaf photographer my project interests are varied in style yet mostly concentrate around issues of image or disability.
I have been involved in photography on a serious level for the past five or six years. This began during my final year whilst studying my B-Tec multi media at York and has carried on during my time at Huddersfield University where I am currently coming to the end of my final year of a BA-Hons in photography. Future studies might include an MA but that has yet to be decided, so watch this space?

As you can see my most current body of work is called “The human forrest and vulnerability”. I envisage that this is piece of work will have many strands so rather than seeing this as a stand alone piece, although I feel it can do that too, I can see a continuance as a series of bodies of work associated with my disabled perspective.  

I hope you enjoy looking at my work and I will be adding to this periodically as time permits. Please feel free to comment via my blog space as all comment are always welcome.

Comments and Critiques

Below you will find links to current articles, comments and critiques about my work "The Human Forest"